Tips for Buyers

Tips for Buyers

Here are some helpful tips if you are planning to buy a home.

Once you start the process of buying a home, do not take out any additional credit cards or close any as changes and inquiries can lower your score. When you are searching for a mortgage, decide on the company you wish to go with and then have them run your credit.

Today when applying for a new mortgage, your credit score is very important. If you are applying for a new mortgage remember it is important to have paid all your bills on time, especially your mortgage payments as late payments can lower your credit score. In addition, don’t max out your credit cards even if you pay them off every month. It is better to charge on several different cards keeping your balance below 40% of your total limit. –

Apples to oranges? Be careful of getting lending services from a website versus a local mortgage company or bank. Internet mortgage companies will give you several lending services to choose from but because the lenders charge different fees it can be hard to tell the real differences online.

It is advisable to choose an attorney who is licensed in New Jersey and has had Real Estate experience.

Be sure to hire a local home inspection service to check the home during the inspection period defined in your contract. Your realtor can provide you with a list of inspectors but it is also easy to find this service in your local yellow pages or online.

This may sound simple but if you are thinking of moving to a new town, take a day and walk around, have lunch or dinner and see what areas you like.

Make a list of the attributes you would like in your new home, rank them according to your preferences. The more specific you can be with your realtor, the more likely they can find you exactly what you want.